First Trimester And So Hungry All The Time

I'm about 10 weeks now and have been feeling hungry almost all the time. I can have lunch at 12pm and my tummy will growl at 1pm. If I don't eat something I can feel my hand tremble. Is this common? I have told my gynae I'm always hungry and his advice is "hungry then eat la!"

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I agree with his advice 😂. I think most people are too nauseous in first trimester to feel hungry, but if you're not nauseous that's a good thing! Just snack on healthy snacks like nuts and fruits, and eat more frequently but smaller meals each time.

Is normal . For my first trimester I always feel very hungry and tired til my second trimester :) Just drink some milo or milk to make you feel good .

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U can eat but choose healthy ones , if u gain more weight then u hv to do a lot of exercises after delivery.. take care

Its normal to keep feeling hungry during pregnancy. You are building another life inside you. It needs lot energy

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I felt hungry from second tri! Will drink milk or eat bread when I'm really hungry!