Bottle Feeding - To wake or to let my son sleep?

I'm bottle feeding (EBM and FM). So far my son (about 7 wks old) is quite on time for his feed. EBM about 2 hours, FM about 3 hours. Lately he is sleeping and he will miss his timing for his next feed. Should I let him sleep or wake him up for his feed? Note: He is still pooping once or twice a day and peeing quite regularly.

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Super Mum

7 weeks quite small thou. U can try dream feed? But you are so blessed he sleep thru.. u can rest more..

4y ago

He doesn't exactly sleep thru. Just that sometimes, he doesn't wake up on time to feed. Most of the time, he is like an alarm clock, waiting up on the dot, demanding to be fed. Haha. Thanks for your suggestion. I'll try to dream feed next time he doesn't wake up on time again.