Severe stomach bloated and constipation

Hi, i’m at my 6 weeks. since last week i’ve been feeling bloated ness and constipation. Loss of appetite too. And not having a good proper sleep due to this. Been eating apple and banana every night too.

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Hi! Constipation can be a literal pain in the a**!! On top of eating fruits, it's vvvv important to drink a lot of water. If you're also nauseated /have morning sickness, water is not gonna taste nice but you have to try. Add a slice of lemon to your water to make it more palatable (not too many slices, otherwise not great for your stomach since your appetite is not good)! I try to drink 2l of water or slightly more every day. Hope you feel better soon :)

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3y ago

I do not have morning sickness. Hearsay if you do not have morning sickness means baby not healthy??? I have yet to get my referral letter to hospital for first ultrasound. Am I too late?

Super Mum

here are some useful vids: Also pregnant women should drink at least eight 12-ounce glasses of water a day. This will help keep your bowels soft and moving smoothly through your digestive tract. Prune juice and High fiber food on top of banana and apples.

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3y ago

Yeah I do drink water daily 2L at least. Thanks for the video will watch it soon. (:

im in the same boat...17 weeks pregnant now n hv chronic constipation. no choice i hv tried everything now taking laxative see if it works! so annoying

3y ago

Let’s endure together mama!!!


maybe watch your diet take more veg. at 6 weeks try to not overeat. and sip water dont down the whole glass

3y ago

Maybe this is the cause of it. I do not have much appetite. Never eat much vege intake too.