having constipation and very bloated and huge tummy at night

i’m having very bad constipations and every night after i’m done with dinner, my tummy gets v huge and tight. is it normal? is there any ways i can stop constipation and having very bloated and tight tummy at night? #advicepls #firstbaby

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try drinking a lot of water throughout the day. constipation occurs when your body doesn't have enough water. So consuming more than 2L of water would help ease the constipation. Eat more fibrous foods like apples,pears and probiotics products like yoghurt & yakult into your daily meals. This helps promote good bacteria into your gut to help you pass motion. The bloating is due to gas build up in your stomach. Drinking ginger tea or ginger ale will help alleviate that issue.

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1y ago

thanks dear! will try that. i have been drinking a lot of water tho… dk if i’m too heaty 😅

Consume yogurt and lots of fruits. me too have been having constipation for about 8 weeks now. only yogurt and bananas especially helps me alot. And yes ,I do get tighten yummy after every meal. especially before going to sleep.

Try taking prenatal probiotics at night. Also, first thing in the morning, try drinking 300ml to 500ml of warm water to flush.

try prune juice... I have been quite constipated also, but the prune juice works like miracle for me haha

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