Constipation during 1st trimester

Since week 6, I have constipation till current week 11. I tried eating more fruits like orange, apple, dragonfruit, banana and also yoghurt but still was not able to return back to my normal toilet routine. My longest constipation last about 6 days. Should I be concern that my weight is not increasing much despite having long period of constipation but stomach is extremely bloated? #1stimemom #advicepls

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i had constipation (caused me to bleed and prolaspe hamorroids) and lost so much weight during my first trimester. i dropped from 54kg to 47kg. went to the gynae and was given fig syrup to soften my stool. was told it is totally normal during pregnancy, including bloatedness. it got better when i reach my 2nd trimester. i'd suggest you just go to your gynae to address your concern so that you be less worried. takw care!

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You should let your gynae know about your constipation issue.