6 weeks fatigue and bloated & burps.

Currently in my 6th week. Been feeling very tired after every small meals. As i can't finish a whole full meal cos of feeling bloated & gets hungry easily. After every meals i had to take naps too. I burp so frequently & my tummy always have like sounds, like alot of air inside? Anyone experiencing this? Any remedys? TIA...

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Very normal. Went through exactly what You’ve mentioned. Not just burping but intense farting too. Read that it’s making space for the baby. I didn’t find any remedies though. I just suffered through. Am at week 12 and am still burping and farting. Eating small multiple frequent meals and sneaking post lunch naps

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9mo ago

Thank u for replying & sending u 💜

feeling the same as you right now ! nap after almost every meal 🤣 and feels bloated and gets hungry easily. i can’t finish whole full meal as well. and will keep burp. let’s jiayou together 😊