Bleeding and period cramps

Hi, I'm 6 weeks pregnant and this week I'm having slight spotting since 2-3 days and period cramps as well. I'm traveling and can't go to the gynaecologist. Can anybody suggest if this is normal? What measures can I take?

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I had the same issue during pregnancy was diagnosed with threaten abortion. Please visit your gyne soon! I was given a jab and some med to stabilise my pregnancy.

Better to visit the gynae as soon as you come back. As of now, have sufficient rest and try not to overthink. Congratulations on your pregnancy!


This is best checked by your ob gynae. Call her and ask to be connected. Your baby should be your priority

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Visit ur gynae ASAP! There’s nothing u can do. Only gynae can give u the medication / jab u need


Visit nearby clinic/hospital ASAP!

Can just visit local gynae.

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Please visit the doctor