Period like cramps at 29 weeks

Hi mummies! I am having period like cramps the entire day today and lower back pain. It's like a mild period pain and not having bleeding. Is it normal at this point? My gynae appoinment is in 3 days time. Thanks!#1stimemom #pleasehelp #pregnancy

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Hi there, is your baby still moving as per normal? Do monitor the kick count. I had a still birth at 27 weeks.. And before the stillbirth i had lower back pain and cramps too and i didnt think of it much but at the same time i didnt monitor my baby's kick count. Do monitor kick count carefully. Sorry if I'm scaring you. But that's what happened to me and i sure hope that is not happening to you.

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1y ago

Hi :) i actually do not have the ans to what caused such cramps as i didnt really check on it.. But ultimately if the kick count is ok. I think you can call before going to the gyne. If the kick count is low den yes. You probably should go to the gyne immediately. Everyone's pregnancy is different and what happened to me might not be what's happening to you. I'm just sharing my experiences so don't worry too much.