Period-like Cramps at 5 weeks

Hi Everyone, I am 5 weeks pregnant. Been having cramps as though my period is coming. It comes and goes but when it comes, I feel like I'm having my period. Anyone with similar experience.? Should I be worried? #cramps #advicepls

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I experienced e same too and had e menses cramp feeling for weeks, my previous gynae sent me for emergency detailed scan but found nothing. He said most likely is my body is yet to get use to pregnancy.. like what he always said “before u preg u are a girl, so u hv to give time to your body to slowly adapt” If u spot any discharge better to consult dr soon. And please remember to inform your dr about ur cramp just be safe.

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Pls go to A&E or call your doctor for advise if it gets really intense + accompanied with bleeding.