6 Weeks Pregnantcty Taking Flight

Hi, I'm 6 weeks pregnancy now. But I booked my flight earlier for this coming Sunday to Vietnam. Advised by 2 normal doctors and they said not a problem to take flight. Is this normal? Please advise.

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I had my trip with my family when I was 5 weeks plus preg. Only thing is the backache cos it was a 1 hour plus flight so I suggest to bring a small pillow for your back

Hi! That seems fine, and if you're feeling alright to fly. Just take care during the flight, try not to be stressed and stay hydrated. :)

I was about 2 months pregnant when i took a flight last year no issues maybe u can stand by some oilment incase u have morning sickness

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Hi... as advised by your doctors, it’s alright to fly. Although not recommended, Some pregnant women was flying at 6 months...

3y ago

thanks for your advise n support.

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its normal, unless there is sum complications or precausions that you need to consider nt taking it.

As long as yours isn't a high risk pregnancy there isn't any problems at all.

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i flew around W11. just take it easy during the trip, rest more.

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I flew all the way till week 35 of my pregnancy