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Hello im 5months pregnant this wed i will be going for my oral glucose test i will need to fast and i was informed that they will be giving me a glucose water to drink after.. may i know will i be taking two blood test in one day? And usually how long do i have to wait? My appt is at 8

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I had mine done in SGH. It took about 2 hours? It was 3 blood tests: 1) One vial upon arrival for fasting glucose 2) Right after the first blood test I took the drink and next blood test is at 1 hour mark after the drink 3) Last vial at the 2 hour mark I had my doctor's consult in between the second and third blood test. I would suggest going early (8 am is great). I went by 8.30am and I was starving by the time I was done at 10.30am.

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The wait is not long, is just come register, meet he doctor for awhile to check baby heartbeat and s short scan. Then get ur 1st blood test, and report hourly until 3rd blood test and then can go off. I had mine just 3 days ago. Dont worry, its not painful, just a reminder, dont be late.

3 blood tests! Heard a lot of scary things about the glucose drink from my friend prior to the test but to be honest I quite enjoyed it lol. Had no issues downing the bottle but I know different people would react differently to it. Just adding another perspective. All the best!

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3 bloodtest actually... Fasting bloodtest -> Drink a bottle of orange glucose -> Second bloodtest after an hour -> Third bloodtest after another hour. I recalled my appt was also at 8am, and I was done by 11-ish.

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Some sort like F&N Orange but sweeter & a little thicker in texture

They will draw blood 3 times with intervals of 1h in between each. The drink is very sugary but depends on individual. For me, it was just overly sweetened Miranda Orange

They will draw ur blood before they pass u the drinks, then one blood test one hour later then one last one two hours later after your drinks. So total 3 blood withdrawal.

Is take 3 blood test. One took before starts to drink. Then gotta wait 1 hour before taking blood. And then wait one last hour before taking blood for the last time

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Draw blood 3 times. 1st draw then rest another 1 hr then 2nd draw, rest 1 hr and final draw

Mine from 8.30 to 11am, including seeing gynae in between the test

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I had 2 blood test one after another 2 hours apart :)