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Hi,im currently going for check ups at KKH under subsidy..Can i request to change to a private gynae instead as im not comfortable seeing different gynae every check ups..i understand that theres no subsidy for private gynae at KKH,im fine with that..

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If you’re switching to private gynecologist, might as well consider private practice? You can also ask around with ppl you know about their own personal experiences and how much they spent before you decide.. I’m seeing KKH & also private gyne, at KKH under subsidy too.. but because I’m diabetic, I prefer someone my friend has gone to before and is able to give me detailed explanations on my progress.. But the cost is about 2-3 times higher compared to seeing KKH under subsidy.. good news is, private gyne at KKH also charges as much as private gyne outside 😆

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Yup you can request to change to private gynae at KKH. Best to do before 20 weeks. Can call up the office and check on the availability of your preferred gynae and they will advise on pricing too.

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Yes you can, although you’ll need to see if the gynae you want has available slots. You can choose a gynae then call up the appointment line to book an appointment

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Thank you so much..i'm checking out for Dr Suzanna..Hopefully shes available..

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Will suggest you to proceed with private gynae from other places as the price is gonna be about the same even if you took with KKH

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Of course, or you can even look for pte gynaes who practice in pte hospitals or their own clinics

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