Any good gynae recommend in KKH? Planning to switch from KKH subsidy to KKH private

Hi all mummies, do you all have any recommendations of good gynae in KKH private? This is my first pregnancy and at week 24. Currently with KKH under subsidy and planning switch to KKH private, but not sure which gynae should go to..... is there any good Gynae in KKH can recommend? Thank you so much #1stimemom #pleasehelp

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I only switched to private at 34 weeks with dr Julian kang. He’s very patient, understanding and explain things very well. I had some slight complications before and under his care and reassurance, I felt at ease. My active labour with him was only 15mins or so. Any questions that I threw to him, be it myth or anything that doesnt sound logical, his answers are always appropriate and he respects me very well besides sharing his own opinions.

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2y ago

1. He is pro natural birth 2. I picked Ward A and had natural delivery 3. They straight away deduct the medisave amount and I was told to pay approx 2.8k. 4. Not sure if it is the latest but it seems like as long as you can get your slot with him cause I made the booking of changing to private around 30 weeks but waited for my slot until 34 weeks. Hmm I would say if you plan to go for A Ward then you can consider switching. If not actually KKH midwives and other doctors are still pretty professional and unbiased. I felt I was in good care with them even without dr julian.

I'm currently with Dr KT Tan at KKH. She is very experienced but she is really no nonsense. Stern but will always answer your questions. She is a little more old school but I find her like a very strict mother who tells you the facts and only wants the best for you. 🤭

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I was a KKH subsidized patient until delivery. My doc was Dr Lily Kho, didn't get to choose as it was too last min, but she was very nice and we were happy that we got her

My gynae was Dr Ilka Tan. Very nice and soft spoken. Can joke around with her. I had some complications during my pregnancy. She explained to me of outcomes but also ensures that she will do anything within her means to make sure baby & me are safe.

Dr Wang Junjie! He is very reassuring and tries his best to follow your birthing plan. He also has a lot of surgical experience (think he does gynae onco also?) so I felt very safe with him

dr samantha yeo. you can see the KKH website for the list of drs.. also depends on whether you prefer female gynae and their availability etc

3y ago

What about her stitching skill? Or can share any good experience with her ? Thank u

dr lee jiah min! shes good and really respected my decision. had emergency csect with her and stitching is 👍

Julien kang. He good and will reassure u if u have doubt re yr pregnancy plan

Hello! My gynae is Dr Sheri Lim

2y ago

May I know how's your experience with Dr Sheri Lim so far?