Can i eat ice cream & cold drinks

Im 5 weeks 4 days pregnant. Can i eat ice cream & hve cold drinks? my gf told me i can only hve anything cold after 3 mths. ☹ cravings...

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Drinking cold stuff isn’t going to harm your baby! It’s advised so as to prevent mummy’s body from being to “liang” causing unnecessary contractions. So just take in moderation and sips throughout the day is totally fine :)

I could only drink cold drinks throughout my pregnancy otherwise I would throw up. I was fine and my baby came out fine too :) I guess its more on how your body handles it. It dosent affect baby though.


I had cold water since pregnant to overcome morning sickness. Cant take plain water without ice without morning sickness. Had ice cream too! Baby came out healthy! Everything in moderation is fine.

It’s better to have it after 3months. But if you are really craving just eat a little is fine

Best to avoid but after 3-4 months den you can have in moderation. :)

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Now you can't. Best to wait until 3months onwards but in moderation

Yes, I needed cold drinks to get through my morning sickness.

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Yes. I eat lot during first pregnancy to reduce nausea

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U can have it .. but limited is fine ..

In moderation should be fine