Stressful Pregnancy

Hi, I'm 42 yo, my baby due on 7 July. Unfortunately my hubby needs to quit job 10 May. Now he still has no new job. I'm full time housewife. I'm so stress for the future a lots. My hubby is very good man, caring and trying to do things for family. But the thing is he is a bit dumb until he can't work long in anywhere he work. So he decides to apply to sell food in school wish we really hope he will get it. At least he loves cooking though he is slow process cooker. He works in burger shop but he can't make good and presentable burger when he's home. Even do fries, still not ok. This morning I found him steamed bun buy putting bun in the plate and just placed it in the rice cooker directly. Plate almost broken. I feel so desperate in my marriage and feel so pity to my unborn son. We have no save up as he earns so little. I cried almost everyday whenever I see he do some dumb things....... Sorry to share but I do really stress.

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Maybe ask relatives for financial help to get through this period. Don't stress now, even though it's easier said than done but let your hubby worry about the finances. After pregnancy & confinement, maybe you can consider getting a job and letting your relatives babysit your kid with a small monthly allowance to thank them. This is just a suggestion.

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Mummy take it easy don't stress yourself it is not good for baby. There's alot of help avaliable to tide things over.

Speak to your family members.