Hi MUMMIES. about Body Red Dots.

Hi, I'm at 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Any mummy facing the same problem with me? My body front, back and tummy appear quite many red dots. When i pinch it, it will feel pain and itchy. Quite frastrated about this. Doctor said is hormone changed caused it, but dint give any cream to apply. May I know any remedy or solution to solve this problem. Appreciate if anyone can share their experience.

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Better dont take any cream without consulting with your doctor. If your doctor doesnt prescribe you with anything, either you ask again and bring the cream with ingredients attached so they can see if its ok for you to use it.

3y ago

No problem wish you all the best

nk hilangkan gatal red dot tu blh guna bedak aiken or agnesia. sentiasa sapu kt tmpt gatal tu

2y ago

hi hana, tapi actually tak gatal...hanya red dots je

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I used bio oil and after that many red dots on my tummy