how you know if your breast got infection ?

My breast nipples are swollen , inside got black blood and there are white ulser near it area . Why ? Feel so hurt when touch it and give a breastfeed and when i pump today , blood came out too but a bit . I don't know if all this time is it the blood came out or not when i feed it but i try to pop it out nothing came out . I scare if i got any infection . Please help me . It almost 1 week already , i maybe will go to hospital this Friday . But i need to know if there any i can do to reduce the pain before i go to hospital for checkup .

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Tulis jawapan

Sounds like infected. Could be breast abscess. Please seek medical treatment asap. Dr will prescribe antibiotic and do the scan. If liquefied abscess, we can drain the abscess. If non liquefied, antibiotic will be given for 2 weeks.

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Better check with doc ASAP. 😢