37 weeks

I’m at 37 weeks, everyday i can’t seems to fall asleep. From 12am plus lie on bed till morning 6am i still can’t sleep. No matter how tired i am. Anyone facing the same problem? Feeling so angry and tired cause i can’t sleep. Any help ?

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This is common during later stages of pregnancy. Try reading some light books at night and also listen to some soft soothing music. These should help

Put on eyes mask, listen to soothing music or read dry article. Try clear your mind though is difficult as you are excited to see your baby.😁

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Insomnia seems to get worse as pregnancy progresses. Try reading a book, playing some sleep music & put on eye mask to help you sleep.

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I had severe insomnia during my pregnancy too, especially the last few weeks. Couldn’t wait for baby to be out. 😅

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Lol if really tired then take leave the next morning

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Maybe read a book, listen to some soothing music...

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I had insomnia too during pregnancy

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