22 weeks and still tired :(

I’m at 22 weeks and I Super tired. I just want to sleep. I’m can’t wake up on time to go to work. Anyone else experiencing this too?:(

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Its the process, I won't worry too much abt it though. I know of someone who had morning sickness all the way till she delivered her baby girl. different women different process, wish u a safe and happy pregnancy journey! hibernate now so when baby comes, u are well rested

Experienced this previously too. Always felt fatigue and sleepy all the time. I sleep during my lunch breaks. Its normal, it will gradually get better. In the meantime, just have plenty of sleep and rest whenever u need too.

I wish i could sleep better. I have not slept well since early trimester of my pregnancy 😅 feeling tired but i dont really sleep alot. I only slept more prior to wk 8 of my pregnancy.. now at wk 20!

same here. sometimes brief nap, sometimes couple of hours straight. but feeling refreshed right after it.... and then few hours later, sleepy again 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😂😂

im 22 weeks too, and fortunately, i feel fine.. I use maternity pillow to sleep at night and I think the prescribed vitamins also help and work really well.

Yeah, im really struggling with my modules. Like, my mind wants to study but my body does not.

Rest more will help

Bed rest will help