Extreme fatigue

Hi mummies. I am currently in my 4th pregnancy. I am 17 weeks 3 days. Does anyone else go through extreme fatigue in the second trimester? My other 3 pregnancies I don't go through fatigue at all.. Anyone knows the cause? Or how do I manage it? I nap everyday after sending my girls to childcare. But I still wake up extremely tired, I couldn't get up from bed. My body is super weak and I still feel tired. I usually set an alarm for 1 hour but end up waking after 3-4hrs. I couldn't hear my alarm(most probably from being extremely tired) I sleep around 11pm-12am at night and wake up at 6am every morning. #pleasehelp

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Hello! I don’t think there any way we can manage it. It’s just part of e pregnancy journey tbh - hormonal changes. And furthermore, all pregnancies are different 😊 I also went through extreme fatigue nearly throughout my whole pregnancy previously, (there’s once I slept 23.5hrs and only woke up 30 mins to hv lunch then sleep back) of course e worse was during 1st trim for me where I can even fall asleep while at work unknowingly. In order to keep myself awake at work, or traveling on e road I will usually prep myself some sour plums or whatever sour stuff and it do helps abit. Please try to get more rest if u can as your body is working very hard for baby 4.. 💪🏻

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Yes I really slept that long and it was during end of 2nd trim if I didn’t remember wrongly. Thanks goodness I was on-leave that day and it was a day after I had my normal influenza vaccine. Another suggestion would be take a day off e day after all type of vaccinations as our bodies tend to be more tired than usual. 😅