pelvic pain

I'm at 28 weeks now. Experiencing pelvic and vaginal pain. Is it a concern now?

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its normal due to the growing baby. Its getting bigger and heavier and your body is adjusting to it. I had experience it too when I was at 28th weeks. I suggest you do some stretching or prenatal yoga so youre body will be able to adjust well to the changes. Doing it every morning and evening like 5-6 minutes of simple stretching and it really helps. However consult your gynae first to make sure your body is not at risk to do stretchings.

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It’s normal to experience some discomfort at this stage, due to baby growing weight and movements inside ur tummy.

I experienced that too and doc said that it is normal as we are carrying the weight of the baby.

I had those when i reached 30 weeks n it goes away 1-2 weeks later

It’s normal. But if it gets unbearable tell your gynae :)

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Not a concern. Probably is the weight of the baby

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Better to get it checked out by your gynae

It’s normal I guess

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It’s common becoz of ur babies movement n some pressure will b there hence u r experiencing some discomfort

What kind of pain? I also experiencing that right now and i'm on my 32 weeks. I noticed whenever i sit or lie down for a long time, i feel that pain whenever i gets up and then gone after few minutes of moving so i guess its just the pressure of the baby weight causing that pain.

3y ago

It goes away after few minutes of walking then will back again whenever I sit and lie down for a long time.