Weird Addiction

I'm 27weeks pregnant and lately I'm hooked at smelling bar soap. Is it just me? Or some of you have weird addiction too?

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I hated pineapple but could not get enough of it when I was pregnant. I loved pepper but hated it till after giving birth. Our hormones change and goes off whack so we act out 😉

😂 This is perfectly normal 'weirdness' :) It's just some of the things our hormones make us do! Be thankful it's only soap though! ;)

Hormone change. My wife doesn’t really like ice-cream or cooling stuff but had craving during pregnancy.

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It’s due to hormone change during pregnancy and will go off after delivery. :)

Im addicted to smelling dettol liquid antiseptic.37wks nw. 😂😂

It's common. I like durian but hating now

It happens during pregnancy 😂

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I think it’s normal

Just hormonal stuff.


Is normal, when my mom had my brother she got craving for rice, uncooked rice. I don;t know how she can take it 😅