Bad Constipation at 19 weeks

I'm 19 weeks and suffering from bad constipation. Anyone has same symptoms? What are the remedy? Is really terrible to be unable to clear my bowel.

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I take coffee occasionally when I can't go and it works like magic... my gynae says that it is perfectly fine to take coffee in moderation during pregnancy.. I drink half a cup occasionally when I can't poop. fruits juices and yakult doesn't work as well for me.

Babe I drink Yakult for my constipation too. Very bad during first trimester, currently in second trimester getting better but I will still whack all fruits and Yakult to helps. I totally know the feeling man… feels like something stuck there 🤣🤣🤣🤣

You can also drink some prune juice. I had bad constipation in first trim, and depended on prune juice since it’s natural to help manage the condition. Start off with one glass a day. Once you notice your stools soften, either half glass a day or take alternate days

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Hi do you dilute with water or just drink one glass per day? I am also having bad constipation

i had bad constipation plus haermorroids. my gynae gave me fig syrup. get stool softener, it helps. i am currently 36weeks pregnant and still have constipation but not as bad when i was in my 1st and 2nd trimester. i just drink the syrup and im able to poop.

Eat more fruits, veggies, some nuts consistently. No need to eat much, but make sure you have them daily. They really stop my constipation during pregnancy.

Black plums (probably not in season now, used to sell them in NTUC), yellow Color dragonfruit (mindful that it’s expensive), prune juice, yakult, papaya.

Hi, I am just 8 week plus now. I experience constipation too last week. I started fruit and veg smoothie (homemade) and it help me go toilet daily.

I had bad constipation too. I tried yakult and it helps. Otherwise you can get a stool softener for GP or from your gyne.

Try stool softener, drink lots of fluids, eat food with fibre & don't sit for longer periods. Walk 5-10 min every hour.

hi i also had v bad constipation when pregnant. if all things fail, try yellow dragonfruit. it ALWAYS work. 😚