Eating fish is making me sick.

Hi I’m 19 weeks pregnant and I do not like to eat fish! Even fish oil is making me nauseous. I know that its good for the baby thus I force myself to eat fish or take the fish oil capsule but the result after consumption was very bad. I will either have a very bad indigestion or nauseous. This is my 3rd pregnancy and I’ve been like this since my first trimester. I was not like this at all during my 1st and 2nd baby. Im worried that I’m not giving enough nutrients for my 3rd one. Anybody experiencing/experienced the same issue with me?

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This is a thread for people who are trying to conceive. Some are still struggling on daily basis to get pregnant, Maybe you can post your concern on the appropriate sub thread? Nevertheless hope you’re feeling better soon.

Super Mum

No need to force yourself:) you can eat other things that are also nutritious. Other types of protein that you like.. some eggs also have omega 3.