if you send your LO to ifc on a daily full-time basis... do you still send LO to attend those gym/music extra classes on weekends?

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We stopped music and movement classes after my 2.5yo got into cc. Our family's views are that at such young age, she don't really need any extra classes to stress her (and us) out. What she really need more is play and bonding with the family. She is already getting the socialization aspect from cc. Exposure to "enrichment" materials is done at home with us parents - ikea has cheap and good musical instruments, just play some music and sing along and make some music. Buy some washable paints or fingerprints and let the lo dabble with some art. Bring them to the playground, park, swimming for gym. Get them to help in kitchen for cooking class! Since she turned 2, her kitchen responsibility is to help scoop rice from the rice bin and help with washing them :) we prefer to delay enrichment classes/tuition for as long as possible.

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7y ago

Thanks Yvonne! I totally agree :) thanks for sharing.

Hi there! All enrichment classes at your LO's age would be parent accompanied anyway. So I reckon, it's how you and your partner would like to spend your weekends with your LO. Some of my friends send their kiddos for classes because they want dad to focus and bond with the child for that 45 minutes whilst mum takes a short break!!! Or mum attends these classes to get to know other mums and thereafter play dates!! It all boils down to how do you want to spend your weekend with your little learner! 👌🏻

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hi there. i think that this is something that is rather personal and depends on the if and the classes that you are talking about. you could see if your ifc has what programs and then if u find something interesting and you guys can still afford it, i think it is ok to send baby to the extra lessons on the wend because it is usually just a short 1 hr or so. baby can learn different things and play and it would be good if those weekend classes can include parents somehow too.

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Maybe for ifc I wouldn't, but when the lo gets into playgroup or kindergarten I will start.