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Hi I was wondering if you guys send your kids for extra Curriculum classes like swimming, cycling, baking? Should I?

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How about asking your child what he/she is interested in, and build from there? They don't need classes for everything, especially if they have no interest in them in the first place! If they have certain interests, we as parents can also help them build on it instead of just sending them to classes :)

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Has your child express his/her interest? If not, you could go together and scout for things like craft activities, kiddy baking, music intro or engage in sports like swimming, soccer, tennis, cycling etc. Have lots of fun!

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You can try out different classes and continue with the ones your child really likes. Don’t feel pressured to take on these classes just because other parents are doing so.

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If your child has an interest in the subject, please do. If not, don’t force. Cheers

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I send my kid for baking, phonics, gym, dance and soccer. She’s 3.