Do you have a time allotted to study with your kids on a daily basis?

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Yes, before matulog ko sya binabasahan ng mga new English words. Naniniwala kasi ako na mas pumapasok sa isip nila yung mga pinag-aaralan nila bago sila matulog. :) Maximum na yung 1 hour since 3 years old palang naman yung little girl ko.

i ensure that my children finish their home work the moment they are back from school and have had their meal. later in the evening i sit with them for an hour to help them go through the next day's assignment for class

Yes i do. Usually on friday & saturday. I will get them to finish their homework after dinner on friday and whatever is balanced on saturday before lunch time. So they can proper play time during sunday.

I think it's really best na may schedule ang pag-aaral with the kids kasi it teaches them discipline and alam nilang may matatanungan sila if may hindi sila alam.

Nope. I don't find a need for it. Schools are stressful enough, i prefer for my child to be a child, play, learn and have fun.

yes, after my kids come home from school and finish their meal, i make them sit and finish their homework on a daily basis.

at the moment because he is so young, he doesn't study but i find hands on for him to do on a daily basis.

Yes, this help give them structure in their day