unprotected sex

hi, if make unprotected sex before the period comes in 3 days later, won't it conceive right?

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Anything is possible when it comes to pregnancy. Don’t bank on maybe. Use protection if you don’t want to get pregnant

Shouldn’t be but this kind of thing kinda hard to say, who knows might happen..

Technically not as you're not really ovulating. But can't be certain.

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Shouldn’t be pregnant if you’re period cycle is consistent and accurate

3y ago


Anything is possible here. Use protection if you aren’t sure.

Although it's not your most fertile time, you can never say.

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Unlikely but still possible 😅

Anything is possible

very hard to say

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Haha should be Ok ba(:

3y ago

Yeah we rarely make love since I gave birth to #2 in Nov 2017. 🤪