If you have multiple kids at home and a kid has be infected with HFMD while the rest are not and fit for childcare, do you keep the child who is fit for child care at home with the infected sibling or to school where she will be quarantined but still doing her worksheets etc ?

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This is a tough one. What my friend did when she was in a similar situation was to keep both at home. However, she and her younger daughter both ended up getting infected as well. It is almost impossible for my friend to constantly disinfect everything while handling both. That being said, I would think that sending the other child to childcare (and that she will be quarantined) may not be ideal as well. Since 1) she may still get infected when she is home 2) being quarantined at childcare is probably not a great feeling for a child If I were you, I will likely keep everyone at home. This will also help prevent spreading of the virus to others. There is a chance that everyone will end up getting it but seemed like the better option of all the "not great" options. Just my two cents.. Take care!!!

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