If your child already get infected by hfmd, will he or she will get hfmd again for the second time?

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Yes. LO won't get infected by the same virus after recovery but there are 99+ variants of the virus which can still infect. It is like flu virus which you keep getting even though recover many times because there are many variants of the virus.

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Yup. Totally possible. Just try to keep LO clean always and sanitise everything! Doesn’t hurt to be too clean or careful if child is susceptible to HFMD

Yes, hence need to ensure hygiene of child, and encourage them to wash their hands thoroughly before/after meals and toilet.

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Yes, your child can still get it. It’s not like chicken pox that you can only get it 1x.

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Yes. There is even a higher chance of getting it again once you got it before.

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Yes. HFMD is an infectious disease due to poor hygiene. Gotta be careful

Yes, possible can get it again, it my son have 2 time HFMD

Yes it is possible as it's not chicken pox.

There is still a chance for him to get hfmd again.

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Possible. Preventive measure at your best ability