If given the choice, where would you settle down, in the province or in the metro?

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I choose to settle down in the metro although I grew in the province. I just find it more convenient here especially for those who have kids. I have easy access to almost everything we need, unlike in our province that it is still limited and very laid back. I know there is also an advantage if we stay in the province, it's just that I am more comfortable with our lifestyle here in the metro.

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Syempre ako province (pero considered as city ndn ang place namin) kasi dito na ko lumaki. I find it hard to live in the city(manila) im not used to traffic pollution and super crowded na place.. hndi naman sa down ko ang manila.. pero mas ok padin sa province halos lahat fresh.. meron namn provinces na accesible sa lahat.. unless nalang if super remote area ung province nyo

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It's peaceful in the province and life is simpler there, but I think it would be kinda hard for the city people to suddenly have a change in their routine. I guess what's best is living in the city and occasionally visiting the province for some quiet time with the family and nature.

I grew up in the metro so despite its busy way of life, i like it better here. Of course there would be times when I'd rather go away somewhere more quiet. But in terms of every day life, being in the center of things is more for me.

Metro. Aside from our offices (work) are in the metro, good schools and hospitals are also here. I would just spend vacation in the province to relax.

Metro pa din habang maliliit mga bata. Paglaki nila at retired na ko gusto ko sa province kami ni misis.