How to deal with ur neighbours smoking inside their house

Hi idk what to do but our neighbours upstairs smoking in corridor or sometimes in thier house window.. I close all my window but still smoke get in and I scared for my 1 yr daughter who everyday breath it. Dont know what to do with this attitude lady upstairs... Talk no use

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Hey! I also facing e same problem ever since I moved in my new house last year. My nbr downstairs smoke everyday (esp at kitchen at night). Even I closed my kitchen windows, e smoke still get in and till now we don’t even dare to hang clothes out of e window 😡. Worse of all, our building layout both toilets also affected hence e smoke gets in to my master bedroom too.. Till recently I met a friend and she shared with me we could actually go to community mediation centre if e nbr are stubborn and refuse to “spare a thought for others” My hubby and I recently went to approach our nbr days back and informed e mid-age mother that I’m actually pregnant and have been suffering from e smoke from her family and highlighted my gynae is very concern about my health.. Glad that been 2 days, they stopped. (Pray hard). But before that, u might need to go to e nbr again and ask if she could be considerate, if really not working out perhaps u wanna try to go to for help.. Be chill when u approach her okay! Thou I know is hard.. Cheers!

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Perhaps u can try to lodge a police report the next time when u hear loud noise after 11pm or early in morning (do record the noise). Then go to CMC and lodge your complaint. Let’s see if they will appear this time..

my neighbour burn incense in their house.. my house is filled with incense smell.. also dont know what to do... close all windows everyday or let baby inhale the incense? sigh..

Ensure all windows are closed? Or bring LO to the room?

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Air purifier? Toilet windows closed?