First scan at 12 weeks, is it normal?

Hi i went to polyclinic towards late oct to request for a referral to NUH. Is it normal to have my first scan at 12 week? Anyone go through this too? During my polyclinic visit the doctor didnt check urine test to confirm my pregnancy. However few days before heading over to the polyclinic ive tested on 4 kit and all is positive. Its abit worrying because ive experienced a miscarriage in early January this year. If follow my flo app, im currently 8 weeks pregnant.

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i had mine wen i was 5 weeks which showed one ball. and at 7 weeks which showed a peanut. so its should be fine.

I fully understand. If you are really worried can always see a private obgyn for a reassurance scan.

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How far along were you went you went to the polyclinic?