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i went to the polyclinic to confirm my pregnancy and get a referral letter when i was 5 weeks pregnant. only will have my 1st appt at NUH when im at 15 weeks. is it too late? or is it totally normal? #1stimemom #firstbaby

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bit late.. you need atleast 1 check during your 1st trimester.. had mine in week 8 and week 12.. this is the time my gynae did vaginal ultrasound, check my uterus, blood, urine, sac and fetus to ensure all is okay.m found out i had vaginal infection and anaemia .. given meds to get them under control.. if you can't reschedule to earlier date, you prolly might want to consider going to a private clinic.. :)

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It’s quite late. 15 weeks already in 2nd trimester. If budget allows, visit a private gynae first and get some supplements. Because other than folic acid, we’re also given many other supplements during 1st trimester. If budget tight, at least buy Blackmores folic acid and eat everyday… one in morning one in night. Until your next appt. Folic acid is extremely important during 1st trimester.

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8mo ago

My gynae instructed to eat twice a day. He’s aware I’m taking Blackmores folic acid and he’s aware of the dosage.

actually consider late, because in between good to get scan/check whether baby growing well and smooth.. there's also a first trimester test and detailed growth scan in the first trimester.. you see if you can try to reschedule earlier, just in case.. because aside from daily folic acid intake for first trimester, sometimes you might need other supplements to support the pregnancy

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thank u all for ur inputs🥰 im currently at 12 weeks.. will try to see if i can visit a private clinic soon (bc NUH said that’s the earliest slot already), otherwise no choice but to stick with it. im also currently taking folic acid and drinking prenatal milk as i am still having morning sickness.. cant eat despite being a food lover😮‍💨

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tbh its consider late? cause wen i did my first scan at 5weeks, my gynae did a scan to ensure there is heartbeat, get family and health history, perscribe supplements i.e folic, duhapston etc etc inform what to avoid eating or doing etc den next visit were scheduled 4 weeks later for nipt test

yup try to get folic acids, or drink prenatal milk. this happened to me too last few months, i went to polyclinic at 20weeks only to be referred given their earliest slot for appointment at nuh at 26weeks.. my first checkup visit there was extremely a long wait too.

15 weeks will be too late... u suppose to go every month 1 or 2 times depending on ur health. 1st trimester most important, you should already be taking prenatal vitamins n folic acid. Try getting a referral at kkh. Also dont skip any appointments.

I was given around 12 weeks by them. So I went for private once around week 6-8 just to make sure everything alright. ofcoz a bomp of cost. but thinking to claim it back from CPF if entire checkup not reached the max of claim yet.

I’m not sure why the doctor refer you that late but when I went to polyclinic at 5 weeks, doc refer me the following week and I had a vaginal scan. Try and call up the hospital and request for an earlier appt if possible.

I was given my first subsidised NUH appt at 13 weeks, but already found it abit too late. So I called up their appt line and requested to switch to private instead. Ended up seeing my Obgyn at 7 weeks preg.