First trimester can eat mala Xiang Guo?

I am At week 9, craving for MLXG but isit ok to eat? Will it harms the baby?

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Be careful. I was 12 weeks pregnant. A few days ago I craved for spicy food and went to eat Mala Grilled fish. I ate the normal quantity I usually took before pregnancy; but my stomach refused to take it, and I ended up vomiting the entire meal out after walking out of restaurant (luckily I found a public toilet quick enough; otherwise it's so embarrassing).

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2y ago

I have same issues with any spicy food lately. My stomach can’t even take chix rice chilly.. Every time I ate something spicy, I threw up like a Merlion. Left my stomach feeling shitty the entire night.

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Hi, try not to. I had massive crave for mala and all spicy stuffs during early pregnancy. Now my baby is out, my mom blames me for all the spicy food that causes my baby having gastric reflux issues. Now I'm still coping with it. Very tiring.

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Likely won't harm baby but it's important to take care of your own health too :) healthy mummy healthy baby. I love mala but it is so oily and quite unhealthy, high in salt and fat, once in a while treat is OK :P

I ate "zhong la" and was ok since first trimester. I think it depends on individual. my mum has been telling me to stop eating spicy food.

Spicy is fine for the baby but just note that for you it may make you uncomfortable. ie cause indigestion or stomachache.

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If you crave for spicy food yes but everything in moderation as spicy food can aggravate heartburn.

Should be ok, but I won’t eat cos overly spicy may make baby too active.

Like majority said, yes can still eat but don't choose too spicy ya.

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Yes. But I eat in moderation. Small spicy , less oil less salt.

Don't choose super spicy level but can eat in moderation