Blood Spotting

Hi, I am week 10 day 6 today. Its the first time I saw pink spotting follow by abit of blood. Later on I had brown and blood spotting again. Should I be worried?

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Better to call up your gynae. Can be implantation but then better for gynae to give you some progesterone to stabilize if required.

Continue to monitor.... if any cramps or more bleeding please go to the gynae ASAP

You needa go get checked asap pls. I've experienced this before.

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Please go see gynae! Blood and spotting is not normal

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go and see Yr gynae to check, just to be safe

Do call up the gynae! Don't take the risk!

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Please go and have a check pls!!!

It's better to go A&E to check.

See gynae immediately

Go to gynea