Spotting during pregnancy.

Hi moms, why after i had sex theres some blood and spotting during weeks 6? Is it Normal? I am a first time mum and i am worry.

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As first-time mom, we are extra cautious so we refrained from sex. Good thing we did so, because during our 16th week scan we discovered I had low placenta and was advised by gynae to NOT have sex at all given the condition, as it could trigger bleeding which would require immediate A&E attention.

I was told u could end up stimulating labour if u have vigorous sex. Since u already experienced spotting now, i suggest yall refrain from having sex until u r almost due. U can still assist ur husb to masturbate, if he wish so.

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Its better to postpone sex until the 2nd trimester. Dont forget to disscuss with the expert when it come twice or more

If you’re spotting or bleeding, please see your gynae. Don’t wait ok. Praying that you and your baby will be safe.

9mo ago

Hi dear, how are you? I hope the bleed has stopped?

please see doctor if it continue