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I was told by the nurse where I delivered my baby at that 27-28 degree is the ideal temperature for an air-conditioned room for baby. So when I got home, I changed our bedroom Temperature to 27 degree and my newborn keeps waking up or feel cranky. She's placed directly below the aircon thus there's no cold air blowing at her as we tilted the flap upwards towards us instead (making sure she's not too cold). I also realized that she prefers to sleep at the living hall with my ceiling fan switched on. Is the aircon set up 27 degree to warm for her? Is it OK if I set it to at least 24-25 degree instead? Will it be too cold & dry for the baby?

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The temperature you set on your aircon might not be the actual room temperature, depending on the age, brand, efficiency of the aircon. Plus most sources I've seen says the ideal temperature is 20-22 degrees. Just go with whatever you feel baby would be comfortable in. Our own rule of thumb is if we feel slightly cold, baby would be happy. If we feel just right then baby would feel hot 😅. You can a bowl of water in the aircon room to prevent drying.

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4y ago

I see! Thanks for the tips! :)

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My baby sleeps best with the fan too. And her room temperature with the fan on is about 27-28 degrees. If your baby likes the ceiling fan much more, would you consider putting a fan in her room instead? Much better for her skin and nose too.

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first few weeks I don't let my baby sleeps under aircon, as she wasn't sweating at that time, mostly I turn on the aircon at the living room then open my room (not recommended for 5room unit), or else use fan but not pointed to the baby

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25 degrees is fine as your baby can not regulate her temperature as yet. Dress her comfortably and not too warm also. I realised cool breeze like a fan blowing usually calms and soothes them.

27 is too way warm for baby i think. I usually set the temperature at 25 degree

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I think 1st week 27 is ok, but following days it might be too warm.