Paranoid over room temperature and temperature of baby

Hi mommies, I am a first time mom and I am constantly worried about my baby core temperature rising due to the temperature of the room. Will overheating cause brain damage like how fever should not go above 40 degree Celsius? When I touch my baby, he feels warm not hot.. and a little sweat in his neck fold but not at the back of the neck. When i on 24 degrees Celsius , he will sneeze.. but when I woke up at 26 degree myself, I feel warmth .. may I know what temperature do you all on for room? I am really worried for my infant as I know of young adults whom have fever above 40 when they were a child and their intellectual stopped at that age despite they body continue growing .. #adviceplease #firsttimemom #FTM #baby #newmom

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My baby runs warm and sweaty through the night too! Same as the other response. I switch off aircon around nine pm and level two fan through the night, and a short aircon burst at 7am to reduce humidity for around ten mins or so. And emergency aircon if its super duper hot at 1pm. But babies heads do run warmer than our temperature but doesnt reflect on the thermometer so temperature still ranges under 37, usually 36. After month three, my baby refuses wraps, blankies anything actually so she sleeps in a short sleeve cotton onesie or rompers. And continues to fight tucked in blankets until now 13 months. But no fevers, no colds nothing and good development so i hope im doing it right.

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Yes,get a digital thermometer,mine is around $190+ (Braun)at Pharmacy.I get paranoid too,when my child was younger.Over heating of body,due to room temperature,won't cause brain damage.Can check with your doc,when u see them during immunisation.Babies are sensitive to cold or hot room temperature,especially aircon.Put a pajamas on him or blanket, if u on, the aircon.I'm using ceiling fan & standing fan.In s'pore weather,use a cotton or bamboo baby clothing.Some babies sweat a lot and some don't.Just make sure,your baby drinks well.Bath him in the morning and evening.

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babies body gets warm quickly. so it's best to wear something light during the day and on the fan or ac. probably 24 degrees Celsius. After a while switch it off. don't let babies be in warm or non fan/ac room. they will sure sweat and body temp increases. as for fever, for newborns as soon as its 37.5 just go to kkh. don't wait too long. as their body temp increase quickly. sponge them and see if it drops. if it doesn't just go hosp. I think newborn doesn't have meds yet. if u have paracetamol then give.

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I don't think the temperature of the room can cause a baby's body temp to rise to high fever range. They may be warm or sweaty but unlikely to develop a fever due to the air con temp. Fevers are usually a result of viral infections. So you don't have to worry too much over the room temp, just observe and see which temp allows your baby to sleep better. But of course, if your baby develops a fever (due to other reasons), do seek medical treatment.

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My baby sleep very well in cooler temperature.. but my husband is afraid of cold and he assume the baby is cold.. I on 23 degree but the wind doesn’t blow on baby directly, I would suppose my baby should be feeling comfortable enough with a swaddle..but my husband will give him another layer on top of a swaddle .. 🙃

My baby’s body is on the warmer side and yes his neck is always sweaty but its not fever. I would usually on fan number 2 or 3, or aircon the nurses say ranging from 24-26 degree. But ofc when you feel your baby’s body warm always check temp. If newborn or less than 3 months any fever 37.5 straight away go to a&e. Dont go clinic or pd but a&e

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Don’t worry, I slept with fan when I was young and I scored As all the way in school 🤣 my baby sleeps with fan blowing at her as we didn’t want her to sleep in aircon all the time but near to morn time we turn on aircon at 24.. depends on your baby really. Mine is scared of heat but fan at night still ok with just 1 layer (bamboo material)

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Get a digital thermometer to ease your fear. After sometime you will find the sweet spot and not worry anymore. My baby has slept well through the night with ceiling fan only, or with 24~25 Celsius ac (till 3:30am) and ceiling fan. Baby is wearing long sleeves and footed onesie