Baby cannot sleep in aircon room

My husband and I did an experiment, and realise our baby sleeps better without the aircon. When sleeping in an air conditioned room, she makes alot of incomprehensible sounds and her quality of sleep is rather bad. Note that the temperature is set at about 26. We have been sleeping without the AC these few days and we realise she stopped making those sounds, and is sleeping better. Anyone knows why is that?

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If ur baby is a newborn less than 3 mo, baby is likely still regulating her body temp. Even when the aircon seems warm for us, it may still be cold for babies despite being swaddled. My baby also used to sleep better without aircon, but I reckon cld also be the fan sound, it's like white noise for him. Over time he got used to sleeping in aircon, and cld sleep longer by his 2nd month.

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Super Mum

She may have breathing issues? Sinus? Aircond air a bit dry so maybe she don’t feel comfy. You can try a dehumidifier or essential oils