I was looking to buy a teething necklace for a friend - would anyone know where you can find them in Singapore? TIA!

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This teether is good. Come in necklace or pacifier clip. Necklace for us to Wear when we babywear the baby, so they can bite. Pacifier clip for baby to entertain them while they sit on high chair (scare they entangle themselves with the necklace string.) https://www.facebook.com/rainbowgardenx/

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Hi this is my friend's shop. Her silicon teething necklaces are affordable and food grade silicon. https://www.facebook.com/BabyKshop-153721144967912/

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Peachtree Jewellery and Pupsik Studio have some pretty ones - they look like cute accessories for mama too :)

Search sillydelly in instagram. She sells various customised teething items.

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https://reveriebelle.com/ Saw my frd bought a teething necklace recently

Amber J necklace sells pretty amber teething bracelets and necklaces

sounds interesting. my boy doesn't wanna bite anything :(


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You can go instragram there’s a number.