Infant care or maid?

Background: Baby (2nd child) is almost 1 year old. Elder child is already in childcare. Have an experienced maid at home, no daily supervision in the daytime by grandparents or parents as all are working. Giving up on second maid due to behavioural issues and reluctant to get a replacement due to past history. Worried whether current maid can handle housework, cooking etc and childcare duties on her own during the day. Considering infant care as an option, while retaining maid to deal with housework/cooking and before/after school care . Given the background situation, I'd like to find out how mums/dads of multiples manage their children's day time care. What are the pros and cons of infant care / maid only? Thank you!

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My #2 is otw. We plan to let my helper look after instead of sending to ifc. #1 will continue with half day preschool. But if my helper really can’t cope then we might send #1 for full day instead

A maid is ultimately not your family. It’s best to send your child to infant care and have your maid just focus on cooking/cleaning etc.