I want to have a normal delivery but worried about urinary incontinence. Is it common for women to face that?

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Urinary incontinence is very common in the postpartum period (more than a third of moms). It takes up to a year to regain bladder control. Women older than 35 and obese women who deliver vaginally using some method of intervention (forceps, etc) are at greater risk to get it. Steps you can do: 1. Do your Kegels. Try to work up to three sets of 30 Kegel exercises a day. 2. Start losing pregnancy weight as all those extra kilos are still putting pressure on your bladder. 3. Train your bladder to behave. Urinate every 30 minutes 4. Try to avoid constipation after pregnancy, so full bowels don't put added pressure on your bladder. 5. Keep drinking at least eight glasses of fluids every day (cutting back on water to control the peeing only makes you vulnerable to dehydration and urinary tract infections). 6. Avoid coffee, citrus, tomatoes, soft drinks, and alcohol — all of which can irritate your bladder and make urine harder to control.

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I had 2 vaginal births and I did not experience urinary incontinence. I did kegels exercise during & after delivery and I think it does help to prevent the problems. I have a friend who had urinary incontinence after birth and she resolved it through practising yoga for 1 year and the condition has been solved.

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Yes it's normal but you can do your Pelvic Floor exercises before/during pregnancy to prevent it.