How do I manage urinary incontinence during pregnancy?

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Incontinence is common during pregnancy, but it can be managed with the right habits. Schedule your bathroom breaks. There’s no way around it: When you’re pregnant, you’re going to have to excuse yourself to use the lady’s room more often. It is recommended to use the bathroom at least every two hours. Practice Kegels. Kegel exercises help to strengthen the pelvic floor and help you avoid leakage, but you need to practice in order to do them properly. You can start by stopping the flow of urine the next time you urinate. The contraction of those muscles is how you do a Kegel, and you can do Kegel exercises any time throughout the day, whether your bladder is full or empty. Simply contract the same muscles you would to stop the flow of urine, hold the contraction for a count of 10, and then release. It is recommended to do Kegel exercises 10 to 20 times in a row two or three times a day. Kegel exercises really do help with incontinence.Keep in mind that it takes about four to eight weeks of doing them regularly before you’ll see results. Watch the weight gain. Studies show that women who weigh more when they get pregnant or who gain an excessive amount of weight during pregnancy are more likely to experience urinary incontinence.

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