I want to enhance my kid's creativity by going to either art camps or art places together. Are there interesting art places around Pasig?

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The Meralco Museum in Ortigas is a cute stopover if ever you find yourself with a lack of things to do in the Ortigas area. It's good enough for one afternoon, and as such you'll find yourself entertained silly by the different art exhibits and dioramas on display. I particularly enjoyed the display that detailed the transformation of energy (from hydro electric, coal, geothermal sources, etc.) into usable electrical energy to power our homes. My daughter on the other hand really loved the Tesla machine that showed lightning. It functions a bit more as a children's exhibit though, so I think it's best to go here to entertain your kids even your niece or nephew. Still, I learned quite a bit that I didn't learn from (or most likely forgot) from high school and college, like different modes of transportation in the Philippines used in the early 20th century!

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Aside from mall based art centers, you might also want to consider art schools in Angono Rizal, it's just 1 jeepney ride away from Pasig. You can't go wrong with the artists in Angono. The Blanco art gallery is one of the famous artists there and also offers art lessons.

The Lopez Museum in Ortigas always has great exhibits. :) https://lopez-museum.com/