I am visiting my SIL's home, and she has picked up a job. She goes without cooking anything, and I, am the one cooking breakfast, lunch. For dinner, either she orders food or her maid makes. She doesn't even instruct her maid to cook in the afternoons if she doesn't herself do it. I feel so frustrated being here. And I have come all the way, because she insisted us coming to them. What do I do, I feel so bad?

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i think you should directly talk to her about this and ask her if her maid can take up some of the cooking responsibilities. on another angle, since you are visiting, maybe you can take the maid's help for breakfast and lunch, and prepare something yourself for your SIL for dinner. she will surely love this gesture after she comes back home from a tiring day. imagine yourself in her shoes, i am sure you too would feel happy and loved if she did this for you :) if you are absolutely not happy then you should go back before the relationship takes a bad turn.

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