baby poop (formula fed)

Hello! I am just very worried with by baby's poop, it's been 3 days since he had watery stools with mucus, they said that it could be because he is teething. This morning I noticed black streaks in his stool. I cannot go to the pedia today because of lockdown. Please enlighten me.

baby poop (formula fed)
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C Lo nagkaganyan dn naman po sya.. sabi ok lang naman po nung gamit ko po dati bonna d sya everyday nagpoop .. Nan opti pro formula nya mixed po kase ok naman poop nya pero baho ng utot po

3y ago

Pansin ko po opo.. ganun tlg sya Pero d naman po lagi

Same with my LO mamsh until i’ve noticed that he’s teething... he pooped around 7 times a day that made me worried