pregnancy space

I used to be talkative, hyper, party person but when come to pregnancy I feel like want to be alone and quiet place. I even dont like my husband talk to me closely like last time. Felt like I changed. What is happening to me?
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I quarrelled with my husbanf almost everyday when i first few months.. then my husband left me because he bth my hormone change no matter how i explained to him. Up til now he still never asked abt th
I felt i was more quiet due to some anxiety and uncertainty during week 5 towards 8. And, i cant tell anyone besides me. Have to keep low profile. However, when doctor and my hubby keep reassuring me,
You are not alone. Haha.
I feel you too !!! I thought I’m alone , I have changed even to the extend that I hate my elder daughter that whatever she does irritates me. And I don’t even want to talk to her