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I used to be talkative, hyper, party person but when come to pregnancy I feel like want to be alone and quiet place. I even dont like my husband talk to me closely like last time. Felt like I changed. What is happening to me?

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As your body is adapting to new changes, it is normal to feel more sensitive to certain things. Just try to relax, listen to your favourite music, or maybe do some meditation? Hope you feel better soon :)

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2y ago

okay. I scared that affect my baby mood next time.

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Hi... some women suffer from pregnancy depression. You might wanna read this article for more information

I quarrelled with my husbanf almost everyday when i first few months.. then my husband left me because he bth my hormone change no matter how i explained to him. Up til now he still never asked abt the child

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I felt i was more quiet due to some anxiety and uncertainty during week 5 towards 8. And, i cant tell anyone besides me. Have to keep low profile. However, when doctor and my hubby keep reassuring me, and the ultrasound showed everything is progressing well. And, i also feel no need to hide from others. It would make me more stressful. Now i alrdy take it naturally and talk about it openly. And hubby's suppprt is v important throughout the pregnancy journey. My hubby will use soft approach, make me feel pampered. And sharing with me about what happening everyday to distract my anxiety. I slowly open myself to him, and back to the happy go lucky me.

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You are not alone. Haha.

I feel you too !!! I thought I’m alone , I have changed even to the extend that I hate my elder daughter that whatever she does irritates me. And I don’t even want to talk to her

I feel you .! It’s normal 🙂

Is normal. Me too

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Normal! Me too, after birth you'll be back to normal. When I was pregnant.. i didn't want to talk to anyone... being alone is the best thing.