I understand that there are mummies who give fresh milk to their lo other than fm after weaning them off from bm. What kind of milk do u give your lo? Brands? How old is your lo at that time? So many questions, haha.

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You can only start transitioning to fresh milk when LO is one year old, not any earlier! My son was 14 months old when we transitioned him to fresh milk because I took some time convincing my parents about it (they belong to the generation that was brainwashed by mass media that formula is better than everything, even breast milk!). There are different types of fresh milk, and the brand would typically be up to your child really - my LO takes Farmhouse fresh milk, but he was okay with it because he was only taking breast milk and NAN before which were both not very sweet. However, I do know of other kids who prefer "sweeter" tasting fresh milk from other brands - but try your best not to give them flavoured milk because those are loaded with sugar! Here's an article which may be helpful, it tells you about the different types of fresh milk, how to transition and what to look out for - but always remember, solids/food should be the main source of nutrients once LO turns 1 year old - milk is just a supplement and sometimes not even needed if LO is okay without milk :) https://www.dearlittleones.com/single-post/2018/04/16/Giving-Fresh-Milk-to-Your-Little-One

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I would like to recommend plant based milk such as soy milk, almond milk which are more digestable by babies. Formula milk contains animal protein which is normally the main allergen source such as eczema, tummy discomfort and etc. You may refer to this website for a comparison between plant based milk and animal based milk. http://plantbasedresearch.org/content/animal-milk-vs-plant-milk However, when you purchase plant based milk, do look for organic and Non-GMO by reading the labels on the product.  When your baby is ready for weaning, try to incorporate as much as fruits and vegetables into her/his diet to build up the immunnity instead of depending on milk to get the nutrients.

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I believe in 100% fresh milk w are farmhouse, Pura or marigold 100% fresh milk. If u look at the ingredients, it says 100% fresh milk, but not the rest which has been processed. Its ok to drink others also.. But for my kids i prefer to give 100% fresh milk. To each it's own la.. Since it's cold, can slightly heat up over the stove for Todds to drink if they wanna drink hot milk.

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I gave my twins goats milk when they turn 1 yo. Started with cow's milk but that gave them a lot of phlegm. Goats milk taste closer to bm and its fats molecules are smaller and hence easier for human bodies to absorb. Goats milk is also good if babies are lactose intolerant or asthmatic. I purchased my goats milk from www.goatsmilk.com.sg

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Yes, there are many mothers prefer fresh milk than formula mil, as fresh milk is consider pure cow milk, no added anything else. For my lo, when he weaned off from bm, I intro formula milk to him..the brand is Snow. My lo was 2yo when he weaned off.

My friend transited his son to formula, Enfragrow, when his son was 14 months. Now, his son just past 2 years old, and my friend is adding fresh milk to his formula in hopes of transiting to regular milk.

I tried a few brands- Marigold, farm house and Meiji. baby only likes Meiji but I read Farmhouse is better. started when baby is 13 mths. gave it as a drink during breakfast (plus other food).

I gave fresh milk after my LO turned 1yo, before he weaned off bm to go with his meals. This is because we were in U.S. and his school introduced him since then

I gave my son fresh full cream milk when he was 18 months as top up from breast milk. since then he has taken meiji, pura and farm house with no problem.

I started with Magnolia Fresh Milk when my daughter was 2 months old. I give her full fat milk as the baby needs a lot of nutrients :)