Questions ... : LO is 9 months old now 1. How do we cook pancakes for little one? 2. What kind of bread can we give? 3. What type of cheese is recommended? What else can we give to baby who is 9MO? Thanks in advance

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I just give her whatever kind of whole wheat bread we are eating! Nothing special.But do note some bread has honey in it - those u should avoid for under 1 year. Also avoid croissant and white bread as those are more processed. If can, homemade bread is the best. but who has time for that! also serve bread slightly toasted to prevent sticking onto the hard palette. cheese - check for sodium content. I give cream cheese/cottAge cheese or babybel. Sliced processed cheese are No no

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7y ago

I bought the purple babybel cheese to try. Any difference between the different Colours and also can I check how do you intro the cheese to LO?

You might want to use Nestle cereals with the pancake. I use cereals, powdered or formula milk (use can use bm as well), and flour. Mix them to a batter and fry them with unsalted butter or olive oil. Choose wholemeal bread without sugar or salt or at least minimal. You can try one cheese at a time like cheddar or edam.

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Pasta, bread, pizza - all at 9 month can already. But beware of sodium content. Can also feed meat like chicken and fish

I give almost everything but I avoid oil,salt and sugar. I actually gave white bread to my 7 mth old already